November 3rd. It’s noon. Things are starting to get busy in the Bernarhdhall, home of Blue Stars in Diemen. It’s gonna be a busy day.

Homegames have this strange feeling of excitement, the pleasure to all play after each other, see the other teams of the club. Succession of wins and loses and of course welcoming opponents within our house. The most exciting was maybe the half time show of the Blue Stars D1 team, performed by the beautiful and talented ladies of JSX dance studio.

Even better maybe, most teams got the chance to pose for the traditional Team Photo. You can see all our teams on the team page of this website. Aren’t they all beautiful ?! Hopefully the pictures of the other teams will come soon.

Speaking about pictures, since the photographer was there we also got a couple of action shots from our teams playing that day. Just to give you an idea of what home games look like. Are you coming next time support Blue Stars? All games for the next 2 weeks are shown on the website : LINKĀ and updated automatically.




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